Lactation Evaluation

This service is available for breastfeeding dyads with babies who are exhibiting complex feeding issues that are impacting successful breastfeeding

Are you expecting a baby and planning to breastfeed? Are you breastfeeding and your baby is struggling to latch and/or transfer milk? Are you concerned that your baby may have a structural issue such as a tongue-tie that may be impacting breastfeeding? Is your baby struggling to gain weight with breastfeeding? Does your baby have a diagnosis such as Down syndrome or cleft lip and/or palate and you want to know how to establish a milk supply and/or breastfeed your baby? Is your baby breastfeeding but refuses to accept the bottle? Has your baby
developed an aversion to breastfeeding?

I provide in person and virtual lactation consultations for families who may have a prenatal diagnosis such as Down syndrome or cleft lip and palate, for complicated breastfeeding dyads with preterm infants, babies with complicated medical histories, babies with structural
difficulties such as tethered oral tissues, or babies with a diagnosis, such as laryngomalacia, Down syndrome, or dysphagia. I also assist families in managing breastfeeding babies with feeding aversion or who refuse to accept the bottle. Insurance may cover lactation evaluations, find out more about insurance coverage.


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