Managing Feeding Aversion and Bottle Refusal in Breastfeeding Babies

This class is intended for parents and professionals who are struggling with babies who have aversion to the breast and/or bottle.

This course given by speech pathologist and IBCLC Jill Rabin, will provide parents and professionals on how to manage feeding aversion in breastfeeding and bottle-feeding babies using responsive feeding measures.

In this webinar, participants will learn about supporting feeding success and managing aversion in breast and bottle-feeding infants. Impact on breastfeeding of cultural baby-rearing practices, social media, medical over intervention and changes in reproductive medicine will be discussed. Case studies will be used to stress the importance of parent education, use of a team approach, responsive feeding measures and baby-led feeding tactics in managing babies with breastfeeding challenges and how that can minimize and/or potentially eradicate feeding aversion when transitioning to solid food feedings.

120-Minute On-Demand Webinar

ASHA CEUs Available

Illinois Early Intervention credit available