Speech and Language Evaluation

Is your child under 3 years of age? Do you have concerns about their communication skills? Do you have concerns about their understanding of language? Are you concerned about the number of words they are using or if they’re not yet putting words together in sentences? Are you not sure about next steps for language development?

After reading your intake evaluation form and attaining a thorough history, I will complete a comprehensive play based and observational assessment using a criterion referenced instrument. This instrument will assess language comprehension and language expression skills, as well as interaction-attachment, play, pragmatic and gestures. Upon completion of the evaluation, I will provide you with a comprehensive report and recommendations for therapy if necessary. The evaluation is around 90 minutes in duration.

For Infants to 3-year-olds

Illinois Residents Only

90 to 120 Minute In Person or Virtual Assessment

Evaluations Available Privately or Through Illinois Early Intervention


Required Forms:

Intake Release