Feeding Evaluation and Therapy

This service is available for babies following neurotypical and/or neurodivergent development.

Are you concerned about your baby’s feeding skills? Do they have a history of dysphagia? Is your baby struggling to transition to solids? Is your baby not interested in eating solid foods? Is your baby struggling with chewing or demonstrating aversion to the breast, bottle or solid foods? Does your baby have a medical or structural issue that is impacting their feeding skills?

I provide in person and virtual feeding evaluations and ongoing therapy privately and through Illinois Early Intervention.

For infants to 3-year-olds

Only Available to Illinois Residents

Evaluations Range 90 to 120-Minutes in Length

Evaluations Available Privately or Through Illinois Early Intervention

$300 – Private Evaluation

$150 – Private Therapy 

Required Forms:

Intake Release

Private Feeding Evaluation and Feeding Therapy