T21Mom: Episode 59 – Breastfeeding With Julia’s Way

Aired July 16, 2021

Podcast interviewer Mary talks with Jill Rabin, IBCLC, Rachel Murphy, IBCLC and mom of a daughter with Down syndrome, and Ella Cullen, director of Julia’s Way, and mom of a daughter with Down syndrome about Julia’s Way.

Julia’s Way is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring parents, medical professionals, and the general public to reimagine what’s possible for those living with Down syndrome through education, advocacy, and awareness.

Jill, Rachel and Julia discuss the book that Ella edited and Jill contributed to called “Breastfeeding and Down Syndrome” and their monthly Zoom breastfeeding support group for moms who are expecting a baby with Down syndrome or pumping or breastfeeding their baby with Down syndrome