Transition to Solids

This class is intended for babies following neurotypical development

Are you getting ready to start solid foods with your baby? Have you already started and need some guidance? Are you overwhelmed by all the feeding products when you walk into the store? Is your baby struggling with the transition? Are you curious about baby-led weaning?

All these questions will be addressed in this comprehensive virtual class that is presented live. Learn about baby-led weaning, how to select a highchair, utensils, straw and open cups, and bibs, how to determine your baby is ready for solids, how to select foods and how to feel less overwhelmed about making this transition. The goal of this class is to provide information to parents in preparing to transition their baby with neurotypical development to solid food feedings.

90-Minute virtual Instruction

15-minute Q & A at the conclusion of the class

Downloadable Print Materials


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